About Us
       Harts HOA Management Co., LLC is a small, family-owned business that started in 2007 out of necessity when our own Homeowners Association transferred from the Developer to a Board of Directors. The new Board needed help in that transition, so we stepped in to assist the best way we knew how: with good, old-fashioned hard work. 
       In the short period of time that we have been operating, our small company has grown in many ways, but has always had a solid foundation of integrity and great customer service. Our basic management philosophy is to allow the Board of Directors to govern their own Associations. By allowing the Board to interpret their own rules, they become an integral part of the community rather than merely members in the community. These Board members are made up of volunteers from the community and have a personal stake in the decisions that are made regarding how the Association is run. In short, the personal interest of the Board members will ensure the decisions made will be in the best interest of the individual members of the community as well as the Association as a whole. This small, but very vital fact, is what allows the Association to be a community, not just a place to live. Harts HOA Management Co. becomes the liaison between the Board and the members so that when a decision needs enforcing, we take the heat, rather than the Board. As the old saying goes, "The Buck Stops Here!"
       Harts HOA Management Co. provides a number of services at a fraction of the cost other companies charge. We are able to keep our fees down, because we have virtually no overhead. We will continue to work hard to keep it that way without sacrificing our customer service. Here are just a few of the things we do for our customers:
  • All Accounting Functions - Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Billing, Collections, Banking, PayPal accounts, etc.
  • Contract Negotiating - Landscaping and Maintenance, Capital Improvement, Snow Removal, Street Sweeping, etc.
  • Meetings and Organization - Plan and attend all Board of Directors meetings, Annual Meetings, and Association Committees; store and maintain all digital and physical records.
  • CC&R and Development - Standard violation mailings and follow up compliance. 
  • Title transfer research paperwork and supply new members with necessary HOA documents.
We also supply a wide range of other services such as:
  • Custom Website - Starting from $350 a month plus a $200 design fee. The web site allows members to make electronic payments, complete member surveys, vote on issues and elections. Members can access password protected member-only areas, digital documents, event calendars, message boards, classified ads, sponsors' ads, helpful articles (health, landscaping, money, and other helpful topics) photo albums, and information about the Board of Directors and HOA Officers. If you wish to see examples of our websites, please go to www.sitedetails22.com
  • Water Meter Reading - This is unique with every Homeowners Association because some have private water, sewer and trash needs.
  • Special Mailings - Provide special mailings such as certified, return receipt, annual reports, etc. These items are special and need to be recorded to comply with state law requirements.
  • Special Events Planning - coordinate special activities and fundraisers like picnics, raffles, yard sales, bake sales, car washes, dinners, dances, special parties (Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, Valentine's Day, etc.)
       As you can see, Harts HOA Management Co. is more than a standard management company. We are management with a Hart! Please contact us through this website or by calling 928-607-5023 We would love to have the opportunity to show you how our little company can help make your Association a better community to live in.
Ken & Caroline Hart